Okhay Painday

Okhay Painday Lambian Nay Rawan Ishq dian, Darad Gigar Sakhat Sazawan Ishaq dian

(Path of Love (Ishq) is very difficult and its very long also, Its just like a pain of heart and its prison is very tough.)

ALLAH Hoo ALLAH Hoo ALLAH Hoo ALLAH Hoo ( Ohh God Ohh God)

Hay Phula Wargi Gindrai Ishaq Rala Chadda, Saray bazar Jo chaway Ishaq Nacha Chadda.

(This Love scatters the Life of like flower and It can compel a person to dance in front of a public)

Aey Kakh na chaday dakh wafawan Ishq dian.

(This Love could completely take every thing away from a person and its Exams are very difficult)

Sajnaa bajun Raat aukatan Isaq dian, Lambi hondian Din tay ratan Isahq dian

(Except lover these Nights and Days are very long and its like a prison)

Chodan tabqan andar thawan ishq dian.

(This love has very deep roots in the Universe )


Haar Haar Dil Har Than Utay Ishq samaya aey , Arash Farash tay Ishq nay Kadam Jamaya aey,

(Love is spread in Every Heart and at every Place. Love has also reached in Earth and Sky.)

Zatan Aeynan Haq Sadawan Ishq Dian, Aukhay paiday Sakhat Sazawan Ishq dian.

(Three Terms of Sufiism ( Zaatan, Aeynan, Haqan) are the Echos of Love, These ways of Love are very difficult and punishment of ishq is very tough.)


(Ohh God Ohh God)

(This is a spiritual poetry in Sufi isam and Love is symbolizing the Love with Almighty ALLAH. These lyrics are spoken by Sain Zahoor a Pakistani Sufi)


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