Ohh Rabba

I have read all those which I have to read and what could I learn more than that. Ohh God who know every thing which I do not know, Kindly break the spells and magics of my being far away from you.

Ohh God Ohh God Ohh God Ohh God

Cup of Love is a water of life and Its a cure for being dead. Ohh God who Know every thing about the person who don,t know, Kindly join the peace of our broken hearts.

I have spent my life with winning have not failed ever. If I could not accept failure in front of winners of God Lovers then I am a loser. I accept that Hazrat Hussain a.s is at the peak of Love with God and you can watch the blessing of God on him.

Ohh ALLAH hoo, Ohh Allah Hoo.

I came back to home, Kindly now please give me success Ohh ALLAH, I have not done any good thing but I believe in You ohh ALLAH.

Ohh (Raba) God Ohh Ohh God

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