Okhay Painday

Okhay Painday Lambian Nay Rawan Ishq dian, Darad Gigar Sakhat Sazawan Ishaq dian (Path of Love (Ishq) is very difficult and its very long also, Its just like a pain of heart and its prison is very tough.) ALLAH Hoo ALLAH Hoo ALLAH Hoo ALLAH Hoo ( Ohh God Ohh God) Hay Phula Wargi Gindrai […]

Ohh Rabba

I have read all those which I have to read and what could I learn more than that. Ohh God who know every thing which I do not know, Kindly break the spells and magics of my being far away from you. Ohh God Ohh God Ohh God Ohh God Cup of Love is a […]


This Jogi (Spirituality) came to my home then all fightings will be finished and will hug it and will go with spirituality with a tilak on my forehead. ALLAH Hoo ALLAH Hoo ALLAH Hoo Ohh My Mother One Jogi (God’s Person) Came to over home with changed his appearance and changed me and now i […]